Balibart is a website launched in 2014 by two art lovers looking for talented illustrators around the world to offer limited edition prints signed by the artists. When I joined as a motion designer/ illustrator, the company was still at it’s beginning but rapidly growing. I was in charge of motion design works but also illustrations for the « balibart factory » that was being launched as well as other missions like photography graphic design etc…


I was given a script and the direction to set it with motion design. Make it fun and the concept understandable all the while keeping the « balibart » colors (blue/green and pink)

I was pretty much given a free hand on how to tackle this project and every element was made from scratch.

2// Expo Sauvage: animated GIFS

The concept of this exposition was to expose animated GIFS in screens all around Paris (GIFS can be an artform too 🙂 this video is a teaser of this expo showing that art GIFS are hidden throughout Paris.

3// Illustration: Marcel’s Marcel

A series of marcels (tank tops) in with famous Marcels in history (Marcel Proust, Marcel Marceau etc…)

4// Various Series of illustrations

Limited edition prints being the core of the business, I was able to create a few series of illustrations to add in the website